About Us

Even though Keith Saathoff began his career as an auctioneer in 1966, he began "practicing" as a toddler, when he accompanied his father, Earl, to the local auction markets. Living of the family farm, he often sold the cows as he milked them, or sold the fence posts as he was going down the road.

However, his career began in 1966 when he attended Reisch World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, IA. After finishing school, Keith worked in the Plainview Auction Market and the Creighton Livestock Market as a ringman and auctioneer. He also began working with Mick Pittack of Plainview and Dean Mosher of Creighton, two of the area's most renowned and established auctioneers, selling household, farm, and antique auctions.

In 1970, Keith's wife, Marla, began working with him in managing, advertising, clerking, and cashiering the auctions and they formed their own company of Saathoff Auction Service, "Specializing in Your Auction."

In 1973, Keith had the opportunity to buy into the Creighton Livestock Market as a co-owner. He has worked hard, along with his two partners, to continue to increase the number of livestock going through their ring and to improve the quality of service offered.

In 1981, Keith was named Runner-up in the Livestock Auctioneer Championship out of 101 contestants. Over the years, Keith has been asked twice to conduct seminars at the National Auctioneers Convention, served as president of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association for 1985-86, and has been an instructor at World Wide College of Auctioneering since 1981.

Keith has worked hard over the years to promote the auction method of selling personal property. He is a professional who approaches every auction with the goal of representing his seller in the best way possible and getting the seller the most dollars possible. He believes a man's word and handshake are gold.

Keith and Marla have enjoyed working with Clark and Kathy Wilke these last two years with their antique consignment sales. We have found them to be very professional and knowledgeable of antiques. We look forward to working with them for a long time to come.